A safe riverside for pedestrians and cyclists

As the Danube embankment in Bratislava is often the scene of coming-togethers between cyclists and pedestrians, J&T REAL ESTATE aims to highlight the issue and appeal for mutual consideration through the River Park embankment Tolerance Zone campaign. This included a survey which found that up to 25% of respondents had experienced a bike collision on the walkway. The Tolerance Zone campaign included canvassing public opinion (in person and online) on measures to increase all users’ safety: the 721 survey respondents included over 22% who usually cycled.

The Danube promenade’s uses include weekend strolls and bike trips, as well as foot or pedal commuters, lunch break walks, and morning jogs. The survey found popularity for a “mixed movement” area with equal access for pedestrians and cyclists, with the latter showing due consideration for the former. Both the survey and discussion about the Tolerance Zone showed that the issue cannot be simplified into a conflict between pedestrians and cyclists, since everyone wants safe movement along the promenade. So a “mixed zone” solution could help solve the current situation with benefits and compromises on both sides.

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