Ice rink

We are sorry to announce that the ice rink will not be opening for the 2022/23 winter season. Please accept our apologies, and hopefully we will meet again on the ice next year.

Opening hours

Monday – Sunday: 10:00 – 21:00


Ice rink logo

Whether you dream of the NHL or just fancy some frosty fun, River Park’s 375 sqm ice rink is a huge annual attraction for skaters of all ages. The ice is regularly and expertly maintained to ensure optimal skating conditions, with skates (kids: 26 to 35, women: 37 to 41, men: 38 to 47) and helmets available for hire or bring your own.


Monday – Friday 6.00 – 16.00 1 h FREE
16.01 – 20.00 2 h FREE
20.01 – 05.59 5 h FREE
Weekends and state holidays 6.00 – 20.00 3 h FREE
20.01 – 05.59 5 h FREE

First charged hour = EUR 1
Each additional charged hour = EUR 3

Problem with parking system? Phone:
+421 914 399 999.

Monday - Friday

06:00 – 16:00

16:01 – 20:00

1 hour FREE

2 hours FREE

Weekends and holidays

06:00 – 20:00

3 hours FREE

Price list
of services



Skate rental

EUR 3 for two hours

Skate grinding


Helmet rental


Luggage storage

EUR 1 for two hours


  1. Ice skating is undertaken at own risk.
  2. Kids under the age of six must be accompanied by an adult.
  3. Do not chase, throw snow, otherwise annoy, or skate against specified direction on ice.
  4. Do not use a hockey stick, puck, or ball on the ice during ice skating sessions.
  5. Do not jump over or sit on the ice rink boards.
  6. No smoking on the ice surface or 2.5 meters from the boards.
  7. No eating or drinking on the ice.
  8. Do not access surface when ice is undergoing maintenance.
  9. Please maintain good order and cleanliness - do not throw anything onto the ice.
  10. Ice skating injuries are typically hand abrasions and head wounds – we recommend wearing gloves and a helmet on the ice.

Enjoy your ice skating!